Saturday, September 15, 2012

Adventures with Amazon

Making the choice to go to Kindle's self publishing program has been fun for me.  Bit by bit I have been learning more and more about the world of publishing and I'm quite enjoying it.  It was a simple process for someone who knows their way around a computer.  The whole process took about 48 hours in all.  They have a detailed process where they review your book and make sure everything in order before they create your amazon kindle page.  I also elected to publish just with them for now in order to be in their select program where people who pay for that service can read the book for free.  

For me, I see this as a way to develop my skills as an author.  Going into this, I knew I wanted to publish in some way so that I can receive the necessary feedback to become a better author.  In the beginning I had friends and family read the book chapter by chapter so they could tell me what they did or did not like about the story.  Then I decided to seek out a professional Editor.  I was very pleased with the work that she had done, which in fact got me pretty much ready for getting the first book out.  

You can get a copy of Primal (Episode 1: Escape) on your Kindle device or iPad for only .99 cents on Amazon.